Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Going on a Walk

We went for a short walk around the block today and it was special because it was the first one that Molly actually got to walk. I normally have her trapped in the stroller for our walks. She had a great time and daddy really loved having her on his shoulders also. As you can see in the pictures Cora Mae ran almost the entire way and had to wait on the rest of us to catch up with her.

Look at that girl run. She has on her "fast shoes"!
"Come on Daddy!'

"I'm waiting."


BethieR1978 said...

I am very impressed with Cora's speed! I was saddened by one thing though - in the pic of the kids wrestling with Michael, he was pinned by the four little ones. I assumed he was just "letting them win" until today when I saw the pic of him running about a foot BEHIND Cora!
Who am I to talk - I whine if I have to get off the couch to let me dogs out in the evening. lol
Cute pics as always!