Tuesday, May 27, 2008

OK I swear I do not beat my children

Does anyone else children look like this? Cora Mae legs are struggling. She really has not even fallen that much but she is pitiful. I am going to hate to see what they look like at the end of the summer.

Listen at your own risk!!

After dinner tonight Cora Mae was in a singing mood. So for about an hour all she did was make up silly songs. This is just a sample of what she was making up. I would record her and then she would run over and watch the performance. She again just cracks me up.

Jaxon and Max

We got to have fun today with Jaxon and Max today while Kathy (their mom) went to an end of the year program for her oldest son, Deacon.
Cora and Jaxon making funny faces.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Picnic

We had some friends over today for a small cookout. We always have such a wonderful time together and the kids love to play together.
The daddies played a game called washers early in the afternoon and then the boys had to follow right in their footsteps and play a little also.

Oh the concentration.
All of our friends have boys. As a matter of fact for the longest time Cora was the only girl in the group. So I always enjoy watching little boys who have absolutely no girl toys in their house come to our house which is filled with girl toys. It may be even more fun to watch the daddies who are distressed to see their little boys with a purse or maybe dress up clothes on. Anyway Bryce loved this stroller. He pushed it around most of the day. His daddy tried to pretend that it was a lawn mower. Bryce did finally get the stroller to the top of the slide after a few times. Hey boys you can come over and play with the girl toys any time!

As I mentioned before Cora Mae is the only big girl in the group and over the last year it has become harder for her to play when all of the boys are together. She is fine when she is with one or two of the boys but it is almost like she remembers that she is a girl when they are all here. She loves them all but as she gets older it is getting harder for her to play. Oh if she would just stay little forever. If those boys would just play Polly Pockets or Princesses her life would be so much easier. I wonder what the daddies would say about that?

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Climbing Trees

What is that in the tree? Is it a bird? No. . . .
It's Cora Mae!!!!
She always wants to climb the tree in our front yard and she did it this weekend. So much fun!
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Cora Mae's New Bike

Michael's grandparents gave this bicycle to Cora Mae when she was very little and we have finally put it together. But she loves it and she is doing a wonderful job with her new bicycle. It is all that she wants to do. Thanks Grandma Mary!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pictures from the day

Cora Mae got a beautiful flower painted on her face. I am sure there are going to be a few tears when it is time to wash this off.
Cora having fun with her friends. It was so fun for me to get to see her play with these friends. I have not really had this opportunity since she only really sees them at MDO. She has such a great time with all of them.
Here are a few of Cora's friends that she talks about all the time: Claire, Brannon, Ben, and Taryn. She has been in the same class with these kids for the last two years and she loves them so much.
These two lovely ladies are Miss Robin and Miss Michelle, Cora's teachers. Oh how we love these women. They have taught so many things to Cora and I am so thankful because God has not called me to homeschool. We thank God for them.
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Tricycle Race

After the program today the school had a picnic and some games for the kids to play. Cora Mae was involved in a Tricycle Race and even though she got a little bit late start she totally kicked the little boy's butt. She was really fast! We do not have a good spot at our house to really ride so I was a little surprised that we was so fast but they get to ride often here at school. Go big girl!

Cora Mae's End of the Year Program

Here is a part of one of the songs that Cora Mae sang today during the program at school.

Sisters . . .

Cora Mae's end of the year program was this morning and since both girls were dressed cute I thought that it would be a great time to snap a few pictures. Molly was not real excited about the whole thing because she was really wanting to destroy the entire living room by pulling out every toy we have. I got a couple of shots and then this happened. . . .
" OK sister let go. I am officially finished with you."
Doesn't Molly look like she is about to rip some body's head off. And poor Cora Mae looks like her feelings are hurt.

The Many Faces of Cora Mae

Monday, May 19, 2008

Shake It Up Baby!

Oh the Joy of Dress-up

As I have said before my sister, Judean, blesses me often with clothes for the girls. As her girls grow out of things she passes them down to us. Well today we opened the 4T summer box and it was like Christmas morning for a little girl that loves dress-up. Her eyes were huge as I pulled out the various dresses. We spent the morning trying things on to see what fit and what did not. I know that sounds like way to much fun but it had to be done. As you can see this is the outfit that she settled on. Yes that would be a Strawberry Shortcake bikini and a Hello Kitty skirt. In case you are wondering yes the bottoms of the swimsuit are under the skirt. She cracks me up! It is a good thing that we did not go anywhere today because there may have been a fight to get her to change clothes but she is definitely not leaving the house in this outfit.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Philip's Graduation

Philip graduated from preschool tonight and it is so hard to believe that he is this big. It seems like he was a tiny baby just the other day but now he is off to kindergarten in just a few months. It was so much fun to watch he and his classmates singing all of their songs and get their diplomas. I am so glad that I get to be Aunt Christina to this precious boy. He is such a blessing and always makes me smile.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The End is Near

The time of year that every mom dreads is quickly approaching. THE END OF SCHOOL!!!!! Not that we do not love our children but it is nice to have a break. I love the women at Cora Mae's Mother's Day Out! Whoever invented MDO deserves many blessings from heaven, because it is a lifesaver for many stay at home moms. They love Cora Mae and teach her so many things. I know that we are going to have so much fun this summer but part of me thinks only three days left. Yikes!
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Princess Magazine

Grandma and Grandpa ordered this princess magazine for Cora Mae for her birthday. The first one finally came today and as you can see she loves it. It is so cool. It is filled with stories, games, and activities that are just perfect for her. We can't wait to explore all the fun.
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Snuggle Bug!

My sweet little girl has turned into a snuggle bug lately. Not that I am complaining it is just out of character for her so I am enjoying every minute that I get.
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

First Sign of Spring

I do not know about your house but this is one of the first signs of spring at ours. Bare legs and skinned up knees.

Daddy and His Girls!

Nothing better than watching a Winnie the Pooh movie on a Sunday afternoon with your girls. I am not sure who loves it more Daddy or the girls.
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My First Princess Shoes

I have posted many pictures in the past of Cora Mae dressing up but these are some of the first for Molly. Once she got the shoes on she walked all over the house in them. My friends are always amazed that Cora Mae can run in flip flops and really any kind of shoe. They always ask how she is able to do it. Well we start them early. Molly had the best time in these shoes and she was proud to be a little bit more like her sister.

Diving in the Chair

Molly is officially climbing on everything. She is tall enough to climb on the couch, chairs, and yes that leads to the table. This is one of her favorite things to climb on right now. You will see in the last picture she is always so proud of herself when she gets settled in the chair. She is getting so big.