Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anyone up for a dig

We went to the Children's Museum the other day and in the Dinosaur area there is a place where you can dig for bones. They have to wear goggles so that they do not get sand in their eyes. Molly was so cute with the goggles on I just had to get a picture.
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Mark's Wedding

Michael and I were able to go to New York last weekend for a wedding and we had so much fun. Mark Mackey is one of the guys that Michael was in Iraq with so we would not have missed going to see him get married for anything. My mom and dad came up and stayed with the girls so we could go kid free which was even better. Michael got to spend some time with the guys and I got to spend some time laying in bed and reading. Does it get any better than that? It was so much fun to watch Michael with these guys. It has been about a year since they got home and they have not seen each other since so they were so excited to be together.
Me, Michael, Scott, his wife Krissy
Col. Hyde, Mark, Michael, and Scott
Yes this is Michael dancing with the groom. He did dance with me later on in the night but Mark got the first. The thing that Krissy and I both thought was so funny was that they refer to each other by numbers. This is an Army thing each job has a different number. Michael is 4 and he answers to it. They call each other 6, 7, 2. It is the strangest thing.
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Ok I do not know how many of you went to Vacation Bible School when you were little but it was always a really big deal to get to hold one of the flags or the Bible during the opening assembly. Well Cora Mae got to hold the Bible this year and I think that I was more excited than she was. She did such a good job and did not hide like I was afraid that she might. Good job big girl!
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How cute is he???

I love this little boy! I could not resist this picture of Bryce. He looks like such a big boy!
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Sprinkler Park

We have great parks here in town and we love to try them all in the summer. This park is a sprinkler park and a park all in one. I think that this is my favorite because the playground equipment is really neat. We have playgroup each week and the kids always have such a great time together.
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Where have I been?

Well in the last post Michael announced that we are moving to Toledo. Is that enough to explain where I have been. I have been so busy trying to get the house ready to sell. We are almost ready to list the house so hopefully I will be back to blogging all the time.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Well it is offical today, I accepted the job today as the new Asst Roadmaster for Toledo Ohio. We have never been to toledo and look forward to what God has instore for us.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

See a penny, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck

The title may be true but not if you are this little girl. We had a first today in the McLain family. Cora swallowed a penny! Yes a penny. Cora has been known to put things in her nose in the past but never have we had a problem with putting things in the mouth. To make matters worse she was sitting in my lap when it happened. I asked her why she swallowed the penny and she very simply told me that "it just slipped down my throat." Of course it did. That still did not explain what it was doing in her mouth. So I did what I always do in a medical emergency, I called Aunt Judean. I cannot tell you how many times I have called her with crazy questions and she never tells me that I am a silly mom. It is great to have a super nurse for a sister. Well to make a long story short there were no trips to the ER and the big girl is just fine. We will see what happens in a day or two when the penny reappears. Good times! Oh did I mention that Molly pooped in the bathtub AGAIN last night! I know now that all of you wished you lived at house.
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Girls' Weekend

Last weekend some of my girlfriends and I went to Atlanta for a conference called Deeper Still. It was wonderful and we had a great time worshipping and learning together. We stayed two of the nights at my parents house and I was able to show them around the big city that I grew up in. We tried to eat our way through the town. The Big V and The Biscuit Box did not let me down. It was so yummy! I love these girls so much and I am not sure what I would do without them in my life. God has really blessed me with these girls. Thanks girls for a great weekend and for being my friend.

Super Hero??

Simon always cracks me up. Most of the time he thinks that he is a super hero. As we were playing with the sparklers he struck this pose to show us just how super he really is right up until the moment that the sparkler got him. He may still be a little guy but he is a true super hero to all of us.

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Fireworks & Friends

We spent the 4th of July with our good friends, the Mayer family. They came over to our house for dinner and it was super yummy. We had Jill's favorite dinner which is ribs, Texas potatoes, and corn on the cob. I made Strawberry Margarita Squares to celebrate both Michael and Jill's birthday. Our bellies were SO FULL after all that food! After the kids played a little while we got out the fireworks. The two pictures display what happened during the show. Michael lit the "Utter Chaos" and believe me it caused just that. It turned and came right at us. And by us I mean me! It came right for my head. I am not sure when I moved that fast the last time but I hit the ground quick! Later that night we met The Manning Family for the big fireworks display. It was a wonderful day.

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Oh Those Cheeks

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chick-fil-a Kid's Night

On Wednesday Night's at the Chick-fil-a here it is Kid's Night. Which means they can do a craft and they can get a free kid's meal (of course with the purchase of a combo meal). It is a quick, cheap meal for the family before we go to church. Well, we obviously do not get out very much because Cora Mae could barely contain herself seeing the cow and doing the craft. I am so glad that she is easily entertained.
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Life is hard when your name is Molly Anne!

Molly loves going to the park and really just being outside. She loves to slide, swing, climb, run, and play.

The only thing that she does not love is her mom telling her no. Doesn't this look like fun?
What a joy!
She did recover and had a great time. But then . . . . . . .
It was time to go home. Not to happy about that!


Every Tuesday we go to a different park here in town for playgroup. This park was really cool. It had four different section in it: Two section for big kids, one toddler area that was fenced in (and if you know my youngest child you know how key this really is), and a cool spider web thing to climb on. Both of the girls had a wonderful time playing with their friends and it is great getting to know some new moms.