Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Teachable Moments

I love my conversations with Cora Mae. Most of the time she just cracks me up because you just never know what she is going to say. I have been reminded lately that I need to look for those teachable moments in our day to day life and take advantage of them in the moment.

She has been learning a hard lesson over the past few weeks. I am no longer helping her clean her room after room time each day. Most days she would rather stay in her room by herself for another hour just to postpone cleaning her room until the other day when Molly and I went outside without her because her room was not clean. Oh the meltdown that took place! She is getting better about it but this evening she told me this:

"Hey mommy I was laying in bed last night and God told me that I should just lay still in my bed during room time."
"What did you just say Cora?"
"Mommy, I said that God told me last night that I should just lay still in my bed during room time."
"Why Cora?"
"So that my room will not be a big mess and I will not have to clean it up."

I started to just brush it off as another crazy Cora story but I thought we need to talk about this. So I was able to talk with her that about how God does talk to us and we need to always listen to Him and do what He tells us to do. I am so happy that even at this young age she knows that she can talk to God and that He WILL and DOES speak to his children. We just have to listen. Maybe the message was really for mommy. Maybe it is me that needs to just lay still during room time and listen.

State Fair

Oh how we love the state fair! We go every year and we always have a wonderful time. Several of my girlfriends and I try to go together with the kids and of course the moms love to eat our way through the fair. We had a wonderful time watching the kids ride all the rides and looking at the animals. I think that one of the highlights of the day (at least for Cora) was seeing a cow pee up close. She is still talking about it! Cora Mae is getting so big. She is so much more brave than she used to be which makes going on these outings a lot of fun.

I loved this chicken! She had such a fancy hairdo and you all know how I love a good hairdo.

This was a huge breakthrough. Cora Mae used to be terrified of all animals so the fact that she is touching one is a miracle.
Not sure what she is looking at . . . . .

Poor Molly spent most of the time in a stroller but we were there most of the day so she was pretty tired by the end of the day. She loved looking at the animals except the sheep. For some reason the sheep freaked her out! There was a lot of screaming in the sheep barn.

Grocery Store

I thought the other day that I would take pictures of some of the "normal" things that we do each week. Well you do not get more normal than this. Two girls, a mom, and a grocery cart!
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Monday, August 11, 2008

I love my swing!

Molly loves being outside. As soon as I say, 'Time to go outside" she drops everything and is the first one at the door. Swinging is one of her favorite things to do outside and her hair always cracks me up blowing in the wind.

We have been hearing Cicadas outside lately and Cora has been asking what the loud noise was. I had told her about the cicadas but you rarely actually see one. Well these lovely things are on the trees now and I think that I just about freaked Cora out when I showed it to her and then pulled one off the tree. She thought that it was still alive. I never got her to touch it but she really enjoyed talking and learning about the "old skin" as we called it. Molly was all over touching the bug. But that does not surprise me at all because she tries to catch bees outside.
Cora loves to help push Molly on the swing and Molly loves it when her sister plays with her.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hubbs Family Reunion

On Saturday, Michael, the girls and I went over to Dayton, OH for a big Hubbs Family Reunion. This is my mom's side of the family and there are a lot of us. My mom has 9 brothers and 1 sister. Yes I said 9 brothers and 1 sister. My friends are always amazed when I tell them that I have at least 32 first cousins. My mom was not able to attended this year because they have my grandpa at their house and he is not able to make the trip. Everyone missed her and grandpa. I was the lucky member of my family to get to go and I had a wonderful time. These are some of my favorite people in the world. And yes, Patty and Judean, I put in that picture of Uncle Graddie hugging me just to make you jealous. He told me that I am his favorite!
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh the things we do for good hair

Cora Mae's hair has really been struggling lately because of all the time we are spending in the water. We love going to the pool but Cora's hair does not always agree. I have always told her that it hurts to be a girl and so she normally does not cry when I am brushing out her hair. But yesterday I felt so bed when she had tears running down her sweet face because it hurt so bad. So I decided that something had to be done so we broke out the redneck salon. I left the conditioner on her head and wrapped it in saran wrap but that was not really working so after consulting with my sister, Patty, I put a garbage bag on her head. Then I took a blow dryer to it to bake in the conditioner. Oh please let this work. She still has the conditioner on as we speak. So if anyone else needs some deep conditioning don't pay hundreds of dollars just come on over to Christina's Redneck (or maybe ghetto would be better) Salon!

Swim Lessons

My wonderful, beautiful, smart friend, Jill, does swim lessons in the summer and Cora Mae is so lucky to be one of her students. She always says that she can teach anyone to swim and I believe her. It is hard to believe all of the improvements that Cora Mae has made this summer. She is really swimming!!! I do not know what I would do without her!!

Poor Molly has to sit in her stroller during the lesson because she really has no fear of the water and loves to be in it. So she would totally jump in whether or not I am in the pool. She loves the water. So this is how she entertained herself. Lovely isn't it!

Romper-Stomper Feet

Molly loves to play with Cora Mae's Romper Stomper Feet. She cannot actually walk with them but she thinks that she is a big girl while she is standing on them. The girls love these things and they are a blast from the past for me. My mom and dad used to make them for us from a coffee can and some string. Anyone else have a coffee can feet toy?
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