Friday, October 31, 2008


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bed Head

Molly wakes up in the morning with really bad hair sometimes. But this morning it was really bad. It was sticking straight out and was the biggest patch of tangles you have ever seen. I took the picture before we brushed it because she definitely was not this happy after I brushed it out. Poor Baby.
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The Toes

Well yesterday Cora Mae and I had a very interesting conversation. Let me begin by saying (as I have said before) that I have always told Cora that it hurts to be a girl and that sometimes you have to suffer for fashion. Well she has learned the lesson.

Me: "Cora you need to take off those shoes and put on your Crocs so we can go to church."

Cora: "Mommy I really want to wear my glitter flip-flop crocs!" That is what she calls the shoes in the above picture.

Me: "I am sorry Cora but it is way to cold to wear those shoes. You may wear either your crocs or your glitter shoes." (We have multiple types of glitter shoes at our house.)

Cora: "But mommy if I wear those shoes it will take off my toe nail polish."

Me: Silence..... What did she just say? What do you say to that?

Me: "Well, big girl do you want toe nail polish or cold toes?"

Cora: "Cold toes"

Me: "Go for it big girl."
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Basketball Star

We got to watch Samuel play basketball while we were in GA. He is so cute! He is having such a good time and it was so fun to watch. The video below shows some of his A-double-E basketball skills. For those of you who do not hang out with me or my sisters very often that is how we say awesome. Long story. Way to go Samuel!!!!!

College Girlfriends

I was so blessed to see some of the best friends a girl could have. We were friends in college and when we get together it is like we have never been apart from one another. God brought us together during a time when we all needed one another. I am so thankful for these women.
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Having fun with Pa

Cora Mae loves her Pa and has so much fun playing with him. I cannot tell you how many times I saw her sitting with him in this chair playing on the computer. He loves giving her a hard time about everything and she always thinks that he is so funny.
The pictures below bring up a few stories. The first is that Pa always lets the kids "help" him shave and they think that is great! My dad has so really old razors that belonged to his dad that have no razors in them. When my sisters and I were little he would sit us on the counter in the bathroom and lather up our faces and let us "shave" with him. None of the grandkids want him to actually put the shaving cream on them but they love to help. The second story is my dad has always said "EEK!!" whenever someone is not fully dressed. He always did this when we were little and he still does it today to the grandkids. Well a few years ago Cora Mae surprised him one day by saying it back to him when he took his shirt off. He got so tickled and to this day they still have a great time playing this game. I cannot tell you how many times Cora Mae has said, "Mommy, Pa just eeked me." So Pa......... EEK!!!!!!!!
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Biscuit Box

Ok this may just be one of my favorite places to eat. It holds so many memories for me and the food is so yummy. We met Judean and Paul (This is Paul's first time on the blog and he wanted to approve any and all pictures. Yeah right! So I hope you approve Paul.) there for breakfast. And it did not disappoint. Oh the biscuits and gravy!!! And yes I did add the tomato just like any good Hubbs girl would do. Yummy!
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Great Pa

My mom's dad is living with my mom and dad right now. I was so glad that I was able to see him while we were in Chatsworth. The girls loved talking with him and Cora was always excited to see him each time he was up. I am so thankful that my parents are willing to care for him during this time. He is in really good hands!
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Handwriting Master

MeMe is the handwriting master! While Cora Mae and I are doing our school work this is where we really struggle. I am not sure if it is her or me but it is always a tense time. So.... I asked mom to work with on the handwriting while we were in Chatsworth. She is the best. I only wish she could move in with us and do handwriting every day.
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What's missing?

Don't you just love it when both of the teeth are gone? Bayley you are super cute!!!!!!
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MeMe & Pa's House

The girls and I travelled down to Chatsworth last week to visit the family. We had such a wonderful time. Cora Mae loves playing with her cousins and with MeMe and Pa. As a matter of fact we were not even out of the neighborhood on the way home and Cora Mae was weeping saying that she missed MeMe and Pa already. A few months ago MeMe and Pa got a trampoline from their neighbor and it is a big hit. The girls loved it. We had a great time!

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tuttle's Farm

We went to Tuttle's Farm today to find the "perfect" pumpkin for Cora. We had such a wonderful time running around among the pumpkins.
Cora had such a great time jumping off the hay stack into the soft hay pile.
What a great family picture! Isn't that the cutest piggy you have ever seen?
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Linda's Toes

Michael's mom, Linda, has been at our house the last few days and the girls are having a great time with grandma. A few years ago when Linda came I took her to get her toes done. It was her first time. So Cora and I took her again this week. We had a great time. She was not real sure about going up on the blog but I told her they were great. We love Grandma's toes!
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Molly Rockin' It Out

Molly loves to dance and when we go to the Children's Museum she loves the carousel. Every time the music comes on she stops and starts to rock it out. She cracks us up!

Watching the Boys

Last Saturday the girls and I spent the morning watching our favorite boys play soccer and football. We had such a great time and the boys are so awesome! Cora loved cheering on her friends. I am sure that this will be the first of many days supporting our friends while they play sports. I can't wait. Way to go boys!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh how she loves some icecream!!!!

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"Mommy........ I'm Stuck!"

So everyday Cora Mae has "room time" while Molly is taking a nap. This gives her some down time and more importantly it gives me some quiet time during the day. But today I here this "Mommy. Mommy! Mommy!! MOMMY!!!!" I walked in her room and this is what I see. "Mommy, I'm stuck." With the little grin that says that this did not work out exactly how she had planned. So what did I do? The same thing any good blogging mom would do. I said, "Sit real still big girl while I go get the camera."
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Unifix Cubes

One of the things that we are working on while homeschooling is patterns. I wanted to buy some manipulatives that I could use with several different activities so I bought some unifix cubes. After our lessons today the girls had such a good time sitting at (or on) the table and just building towers and rocket ships as Cora Mae called them. Who knew that cubes would be so much fun?!

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Out of town daddies

Every once in a while some of the daddies are all out of time at the same time so what is a mommy to do......... Get together, eat dinner, talk, and survive the night without daddy. I am so thankful for my girlfriends. We survive these days together!
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Winter Clothes

It is officially that time of year here in Indiana. Time to get out the winter clothes. It has been chilly here the last few days and we have had to break out the long sleeves. One of the best things I get to do during this time is to open up the huge tubs of clothing that I have gotten from Judean. It is like a kid in a candy store. The pictures above are of Molly's closet. Yes all of those clothes are for Molly. And can I add that this is not all of them. Oh how I love my sister. I think that my children would be naked without her.
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