Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dinner with Cinderella

We attended dinner with Cinderella the second night that we were there. This was the highlight of the trip for me. You may ask why? Well I will tell you. Cora Mae got to dance with Cinderella!!!!!!! It was the best. We also saw Prince Charming, the evil Stepmother, and the stepsisters. Michael and Jason wanted to have their picture made with the evil stepmother. It was a great night.
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Man that is some good ice cream

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Afternoon with Daddy

A few of the days the little ones had to nap so the big kids would hang out with the dads. They always had a great time riding all the rides that the little kids could not ride. It is great to be a big kid!

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We've Got Ears, Say Cheers!

You can't go to Disney World and not come home with ears. Molly loves her ears so much so wants to wear them all the time even now that we are home.

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Hanging out with Princesses

Well does it get any better than this!!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Second Day: Magic Kingdom

Is it just me or does this picture just make you happy? I swear it just makes me happy.
As soon as we got in the gate there was Daisy. I know it is just Daisy but my girls love Daisy. So being the crazy mom that I am I ran to get in line. Later I was thinking to myself, Christina I cannot believe that your are being one of those moms that is running to get your kid in line to see a character. But then I was so glad that I did because the people that were right behind us were the last people to get to see Daisy. So I guess a little crazy never hurt. And my girls were so happy!
This was our first ride, the Tea Cups. Heather and I thought that we would take the little kids so that we would not have to do the crazy spinning. We would let the daddies take that job witht he big kids. Well Molly did not think that was a great idea. She figured out real quick how to make us spin. She had a great time!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beauty and the Beast Show

We went to the Beauty and the Beast Show next after the parade. This was our first princess sighting.
Cora Mae was in awe from the moment that it started. These may be some of my favorite pictures from the entire trip. My friend, Jill, always says that her son lives in a Disney movie and the same is true for our little girl. It was like her little world was coming alive before her eyes.
Molly slept during the entire show. She was so tired from the early morning at the airport. I truly think that this the first time she fell asleep in my arms. I loved every moment of it.
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Hollywood Studios

Our first stop after the hotel was Hollywood Studios. It was so much fun. As soon as we got there it was time for a parade. It was a parade of all the Pixar movies. The Green Army Man talked the either time while people were dancing. It was amazing. The girls loved it and it was a great beginning to our trip.

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Here We Come!

On February 8 our family and the Claggett family headed off to Disney World. Yes the happiest place on earth. We started off the morning very early at the airport where the kids had a great time playing on the people mover. They must on rode that thing a million times.
The flight was great and the kids did really well!
Then we finally arrived! The Happiest Place on Earth!!!
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