Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day One in Ireland

Well I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Ireland with my sisters and a few of Judean's friends. We went because Judean and Paul were getting MARRIED while we were there. And you the Bowling girls have to be there when one is getting married. After a long flight where Patty and I didn't sleep at all we arrived around 10:00 in the morning Ireland time. So after a quick shower off we went to see Blarney Castle. It was absolutely beautiful.
And what do you do at the top of the Blarney Castle. Well you lay down on your back, lean way off the side of the castle, and kiss the Blarney stone. This is a picture of me kissing the stone. You will notice that someone has to hold on to you or you may just fall to your death. If you survive it will bring you good luck!
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Cream Hut and the park

Before Patty and I headed to Ireland, we took the kids to the Cream Hut. The Cream Hut has looked exactly the same for as long as I can remember. I love the chairs in there and I swear it makes the ice cream taste better. I know that the picture is not great but it was the best that I got in there.
We then headed to the park in town. The kids had a great time running around and more importantly playing in the fountain. They were all soaking wet by the time we left. These cousins love playing together.
I love this picture. They had evenly spaced themselves out and were just kicking away. It was great. We were only missing Molly. She was napping at Meme's house.
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