Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Molly's Mystery Hives

Well we went to the doctor today because of this mystery rash that Molly has. Turns out it is just hives but we have no idea why she has them. Poor baby looks pitiful doesn't she. If you can believe it they are actually worse in person but you can't keep this big girl down. You would never even know she had them. She is a trooper! Thank goodness she is not contagious!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh she looks bad! But I showed it to Ms. Betty - she said Yep has the hives....she said to keep food diary of everything she ate in 24 hours of breaking out - very important. Zantac might help also but you will need RX.


Melissa said...

In Molly speak --- OWIE BOO-BOO! Good thing she hardly realizes they are there!