Thursday, August 6, 2009

Samuel's First Official Sprite

We went out to eat with some of our cousins while we were in GA for the big reunion and Samuel got to have his first official Sprite. So of course I had to document the occasion. Hope you loved it Samuel!
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Fun with cousins

One night while we were at Meme and Pa's house all of the kids got on Aunt Patty's back. I love how Judah is holding on for dear life.
Watch Out Judah!!!!
Then we had some yummy homemade chocolate ice cream!
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Life as the second child

In our family Judean has always been the one that always got hurt. Daddy used to say that the ladies in the ER knew Judean by name because she had been in there so many times. We have always called it the "Second Child Syndrome." Well when Patty saw that both of our second children had knees and legs bruised and scraped we knew that we had to take pictures. How cute are these two?

As you can see some things never change!

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Family Pictures

We also took some family pictures at the reunion.
I love this picture of the little cousins. We sure did miss Peyton and Bayley.
This is me, Judean and Patty with our favorite Uncle Graddie. He is so special to us!
The best thing that Patty and I did was to hire this sweet girl, Amanda, to come watch our kids. Then she took them home to nap them. The best idea EVER! We were able to talk and visit with everyone and not worry if our kids were in the street or something crazy like that. It was GREAT!
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Hubbs Family Reunion

The girls and I went down to Georgia this weekend for a big family reunion. Most of mom's siblings came down for the fun. We tend to be a large crowd when we are all together. It may not even seem possible but this is not even half of the family. My mom has 9 brothers and 1 sister so that leaves me with 32 first cousins. Yes I said 32! Not all of the cousins made the trip but we still had 67 people in attendance and it was so much fun.

This a picture of mom with all of her brothers that are still living. We were so sad that Aunt Shirley was not able to be there. She was the only one of the kids that were not there and we missed her.

To help with the cost of the food and the facility we had an auction. My Uncle David is an auctioneer and we had a great time!
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