Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Big Girl Makeup

Cora Mae has been asking for months to get some "Big Girl Makeup." I kept putting her off saying that she could Santa for it. Well you know that she did not forget it. So..... much to her daddy's dismay she asked Santa for makeup and Santa did not disappoint! You really cannot see in these pictures because of the colors of the makeup but no one has shared with her the concept of less is more. Oh how I love this kid!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Best Husband!

It really is the little things that make me happy! Michael really knows the way to my heart.
Beautiful Flowers!!!
People Magazine!!!!
Car in the garage!!!!
Thanks babe for being so sweet! I love you lots!!!!!
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More Christmas

One of Molly's favorite things that she got for Christmas was some new books. She always loves books! She will sit forever reading and looking at books.
Cora also got some Tinker Toys for Christmas. She went up to her room and went right to work building the microphone on the front of the container. It was great!
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Go Fish

Cora Mae got a "Go Fish" card game for Christmas this year and it is all she wants to do! Michael and I have had so much fun playing with her.
The best thing that I have ever bought for Cora is the thing that she is using to hold her cards. It is so helpful and she now has no problems holding the cards all by herself.
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Birthday Cake For Jesus!

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is making a cake for Jesus's birthday. Cora had a great time making the cake. She did it all by herself! She cracked the eggs and everything. Cora also picked out the stars for the decorations. She picked them out because of the star the Wise Men followed. We cannot wait until Christmas Eve night when we will sit down read Luke 2 and have our Birthday Party for Jesus. I love this time together when we can totally focus on Jesus, the Light of the World!
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First Snow

We had our first snow last week. It was not very much but the girls had a great time outside. Molly just kept saying, "Snowman!!!" She loved being in the snow and Cora was really into helping build "Frosty." It did not last very long but it was a lot of fun while it lasted.
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Christmas Party

I was able to attend Cora's Christmas party at school this year. It was so much fun to see her with all of her friends. The mom that was in charge of the craft/activity for the party made each child a Gingerbread House to decorate. I could not believe it! The kids had such a wonderful time decorating their houses they barely had time to eat the treats. It was so a great time and she was so proud of her work!
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy 11th Anniversary!

Well 11 years ago yesterday Michael and I were married and what a journey it has been. We have not always been together on our anniversary (because of the Army) but we have always celebrated the day. Yesterday was no exception. It was not a day that we spent all by ourselves like we have done in the past and we did not do anything really special but I think that it was one of the best anniversaries ever. We took the girls to see Santa, we went out to eat (I refused to cook on my anniversary), and we went to see some Christmas lights. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate the life that God has blessed us with than a wonderful day spent together with the two precious girls that He has given to us.
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Jingle Bells

Molly has really been getting into the Christmas spirit this year! She loves the tree (a little to much sometimes), loves seeing Ho Ho (which is Santa to all of you who do not speak Molly), and loves to sing Jingle Bells with Cora. One of the things that I love the most was the other day we drove by a house that had a nativity scene in the yard and she began saying, "Baby Jesus! Baby Jesus!" I am so glad that even now she knows what we are really celebrating! As we were driving down the road last night I got a short video of her singing Jingle Bells. I hope that you can hear it over the noise in the car.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


We went to a place in town today because I had saw a sign that said they were going to have live reindeer today. The girls were so excited to see Rudolph and the other reindeer but when we got there I realized that I had misread the sign and the reindeer will not be there until tomorrow. The girls were so sad but we decided to go in anyway to see what was in the store. We found this stuffed reindeer and the girls thought that it was great. If you know my girls then you know this was probably a better choice anyway! Then we saw the sign.......
Santa was here! We were so glad that we had decided to go on in the store. There was no waiting and the girls got to spend lots of time with Santa without feeling the need to rush. The Grinch was also there but neither one of the girls wanted to get close. Molly kept calling the The Grinch a monster.
They were also giving out free popcorn. My girls love popcorn!!!!
I saw this sign while we were wondering around the store. I thought it was so funny! Every parents nightmare!!!
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New Ornaments

When we travel I always try to buy ornaments so that we can remember how much fun we had while we were there. Here are our new ornaments for this year. Snowman wearing Mickey Mouse ears so that we can remember our great trip to Disney World!
My great trip to Ireland will always be remembered with this clover that I bought while I was there. I love having a tree full memories!
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What to do when you have short parents!

Putting the angel at the top of the tree can be very challenging when you have two parents that are short. Cora Mae had a great adventure with daddy getting that angel up there. First they tried just having Cora sitting on his shoulders and as you can see in the bottom picture that did not work out very well. So we through all notions of safety aside and broke out the ladder. We finally got that angel on top!
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Monday, December 7, 2009

My Coupon Dream.......

My couponing dream has officially come true! Yes the Kroger paid me $0.28 to take the groceries out of the store. The only reason that I went was because I had a $2.00 catalina that was going to expire today and so if you know me at all you know that I had to go use it. So I hopped on to Mommy Snacks real quick to see if there were any quick deals that I could do and spend very little money out of my pocket. I really did not think that they would be paying me to take it out of the store! I was so excited I know the lady thought that I was completely crazy.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Upward Basketball

Our first season of Upward Basketball started today with Cora's first practice. She has never played basketball before but she did a great job. We do not actually start playing games until January but they got started with one early practice. She had a great time and even made several baskets. She worked hard and was starving at the end. Molly had a great time while we were there and even got into the action a little bit on the side. Check out those arms up ready for some defense. Go girls!
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I"m Back

Well I am back. Michael took over the blog for a little while because I was having a blogging drought! I am blaming it on the fact that now that I have always blogged while watching General Hospital. Yes I still watch General Hospital. I have since I was in the 5th grade. It is my thing. Well we do not have a TV in the office so I have been out of my routine. Well.....I just got a FREE laptop! Yes I actually had a coupon for a free laptop! Can you believe that? So now I can get back to my routine of watching GH and blogging. Hopefully you want have to wait so long to hear updates on The McLain Family or more importantly the girls.
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Here some photos of our new floors in house. They look great. Somerset hard wood floors white oak. It was great six days working with my father in and brother in law putting them in.