Saturday, December 12, 2009


We went to a place in town today because I had saw a sign that said they were going to have live reindeer today. The girls were so excited to see Rudolph and the other reindeer but when we got there I realized that I had misread the sign and the reindeer will not be there until tomorrow. The girls were so sad but we decided to go in anyway to see what was in the store. We found this stuffed reindeer and the girls thought that it was great. If you know my girls then you know this was probably a better choice anyway! Then we saw the sign.......
Santa was here! We were so glad that we had decided to go on in the store. There was no waiting and the girls got to spend lots of time with Santa without feeling the need to rush. The Grinch was also there but neither one of the girls wanted to get close. Molly kept calling the The Grinch a monster.
They were also giving out free popcorn. My girls love popcorn!!!!
I saw this sign while we were wondering around the store. I thought it was so funny! Every parents nightmare!!!
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