Friday, December 31, 2010

It hurts to look at it

A month ago the girls were invited to a birthday party at the local bowling ally. Molly was having a hard time and it did not want to bowl. After sometime of coaching and talking, we talked to her in to participating and she wanted to bowl. She went down, got a ball, and than dropped it on her foot. Her big toe to be exact.

She cried and cried-and she should have it still hurts to look at a month later.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas dinner

Christina made Christmas dinner today and it was the best. I have attached a picture to show you.

1. You will notice the fine china we ate on. We have had it for 12 years
2. Coke a Cola-Love it nothing else needs to said
3. The ham was from the honey baked ham store in town. It took us 45 minutes of waiting to get it-so worth it.
4. Corn was from old recipe from way back in olden times. If you would like it than just look on the back of Green Giant Corn package
5. Mashed potatoes are from Heather's Mom Nancy-best ever made. Ms. Nancy-we love them sooooo much.
6. Rolls-just buy the Kroger brand still as good as ever

Quick easy no stress best Christmas meal ever.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Friends from Indianapolis

Over the last three days we had friends from Indianapolis over at out house in Delaware. These are a couple of pic from dinner tonight. It has been great having them here.

Facts from weekend:
1. a bag of 96 pizza rolls does not stand a chance of surviving into left over stage
2. All kids in one room-no sleep needed
3. The friendly game of phase ten between the adults oddly turns very competitive.
4. why does every conversation eventually have the words boogers and fart in it.
5. Seven kids running up the stairs at one time feels like the house is going to shake off the foundation

All in all-loved every minute and so glad them came.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby Jude

The girls and I headed down to GA over Thanksgiving to see this sweet little baby come into the world. Unfortunately we left Michael at home because he had to work. This little boy belongs to my sister, Judean. His name is Jude and we just could not get enough of him! All but Molly! She wanted nothing to do with him at all! Lets just hope that is not a sign of things to come.
Here are some of pictures we took at the hospital. We could not be happier. I am not sure how I manged to not have any pictures of Jude's sisters holding him. Sorry Peyton and Bayley!
Cora Mae COULD NOT get enough of him. She just absolutely loves him.
Here is Baby Jude with his beautiful mommy coming home from the hospital. Can't wait to see him again!
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Your a mean one Mr. Grinch

Today we went to a local nursery to see Santa. We love going to this place because there are very few people there and the girls get to spend as much time with Santa as they would like. Also they give out free popcorn and you know we love to get free popcorn! Each year The Grinch is wondering around also. Last year both girls wanted nothing to do with him but this year Cora was loving him. Molly not so much. I think that it must be so much fun to be the Grinch for the day because he gets to walk around with a bad attitude and know one even questions it. Really, he was funny and even though Molly did not want to have her picture made with him she liked him.

Boots or Boots

Today we getting ready to go to church and it came time to put on coats and shoes. I do not know about other parents but for Chris and I this can take a long time accomplish or so it seems. Today our middle girl, Molly, was told to go get her boots. She disappeared and came back with no boots. Once again, Molly go get your boots. She looked at us with a look of accomplishment. Molly go get your boots! To Molly's credit she held up Boots. Boots from Dora the Explore and told us I got my Boots.

Well she did what we asked. Next time, go get the boots you wear on your feet.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Molly's First Field Trip

Molly's preschool class had a field trip last week and it was her first time to go on a big girl field trip. She was a little unsure at first when we got there and saw her teachers and some of her friends. I think she was just a little confused about what was really going on. She quickly warmed up and had a blast! The kids were able to pick out a pumpkin and two ears of Indian Corn. We got to go into the field and pick them ourselves. She thought that part was great. There was also a straw maze just the right size for these preschoolers.
After our hayride out to the field the farmer told the kids how to pick their Indian Corn. No lie his name was Farmer Dale. I loved it!
Here is a picture of some of the kids in Molly's class. Sadly everyone did not get to go!
Me and my girl. I had such a wonderful time hanging out with her on this special day!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Molly and Wolfie

On one of our trips to the zoo this summer the girls got to pick out a prize to bring home. Grandma was with us and she is so much more fun than I am! Well Molly picked out a red panda to bring home. She immediately called it Wolfie. I try to explain to her that it was not a wolf but a red panda. She refuses to believe this fact and to this day she does not let Wolfie get to far away from her. She is getting so big and I love this picture of her and Wolfie. She is wearing the fireman hat that she got a couple of days before when the firemen came to her school.

Upward Cheerleading

We were so thankful that our church offers Upward Cheerleading in the fall along with football. Cora had so much fun learning all about being a cheerleader. It was great to watch as she learned and tried so many new things. She really has a lot of "spirit" to share!
"Rock This House" was one of the girls favorite cheers. Here they are rockin' it out!

Hello, my name is Christina....

I thought that maybe I should introduce myself again since it has been so long since my last post. I know that it has been forever since I blogged! My sisters have been sending me texts every once in a while that just say "BLOG!" You would think that I would have gotten the hint but I did not. I have to say that I have missed it though so I am hoping to get back to it on a regular basis. I thought that I would start off by showing you some pictures of the girls. These were taken last Sunday before church. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Boy or Girl

on Sept 16th we find out if it is a Boy or Girl. I can not wait.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today we went and got our first ultrasound done. I am so happy I have cried several times
today. I have seen the spine, arms, legs, face, and heart which is beating at 167 a minute (my favorite part) . Most
importantly I have seen God craftmanship. This is the third time for our family to welcome
someone into our family and yet emotions are just as strong today as it was the first time.

We have all experiance loss of friends and family but this-this-miracle-is a planned event
by God which makes me want to be closer to God. I know we see him
we don't. We are busy. This makes me not be busy, this makes me stop. This gives me a desire to be closer to Jesus becouse this is a life God knows alreay-has talked with-seen-This is, yes a wonderfully made MIRACLE.

Thank you Chris for letting me hi jack the blog.

What is your opinion? Are going to meet
Granville John McLain or Lindsey Jane McLain

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Extreme Makeover

Patty and the boys are visiting us this week and while here Judah and Samuel got there hair cut. Judah's haircut was like an extreme makeover! Here is Judah before............
........ and after! He looks so handsome! There is a picture of some of our dad's brothers when they were really little and we really think that he looks like them now so much so that there may have been a few tears shed at the barbershop (and not by Judah)!
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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had the wonderful opportunity to spend the weekend with some friends from church. Our Sunday School teachers graciously open up their home each year on this weekend for families to camp. This was our first year to go and we did not camp. We kept telling everyone that we are not camping people but we did spend two wonderful days hanging out with friends and getting to know new people. The girls had a blast! They have a big pond and a huge hill that leads down to it. Add a lot of plastic and you have one long slip and slide! Cora loved it! She went down it a million times. It really was a huge outdoor playground for kids and the adults didn't mind it either. We had church together on Sunday morning around the campfire. It was just a great time of fellowship!
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kindergarten Fun Day

We had Kindergarten Fun Day today and boy was it fun! It was stinkin' hot but it was a blast. There were four stations set up for the classes to rotate through.
Then it was time for tug-of-war! This is Cora's class pulling as hard as they can.

They won this round and were so excited! Cora just had to show me her muscles when she was finished. She is obviously the reason they won.....look at those guns! Ha!
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I'm here too!!!

It seems like here lately all of my posts have been about Cora, but this little girl is still around also. I thought I would let you in on what is going on in the land of Molly. She is GROWING!!!!! She grew out of her white sandals in one week. I put them on her one Sunday and the next they were too little. She also is very clumsy all of sudden. You can see the big bruise on her forehead where she bounced off the bed and hit the wall with her head. But she is the sweetest little thing also. She can make your heart just melt. The other day she wrapped her arms around my neck so tight I could barely breathe and said, "Best Friends!" I love this kid!!!
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She can't be this big.........

A little while ago Cora started asking about getting her ears pierced. I told her that she could do it but I wanted her to think about it a little while longer. After a few weeks of her continuing to talk about it I knew that she was ready. She is so excited to have earrings!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Art Show

Last week there was an art show at Cora's school. Every child at the school at least one piece in the show and let me just say it really was unbelievable. Maybe it is because I do not have an artistic bone in my body but I know that I would not be able to do half of what I saw displayed that evening. Mr. J, the art teacher, is really like a superstar at the school. All of the kids love him so much! He has high expectations of all of them and he is able to get the best out of them.
This is Cora's piece in the show. The lesson was based off of a book that they read in class about a little girl and her favorite stuffed animal. Cora drew herself and Marie, her stuffed cat from the Aristocats.
This is a piece that her entire class did together while they were studying Jackson Pollock. They had a wonderful time doing this piece. Cora talked about Action Jackson for weeks.
These are a few other pieces that we saw that evening. The halls of the school were filled with them! It was such a fun evening!
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Final Night of AWANA

As I have said before we are so thankful to have AWANAs at our church and Cora has had a great year as a Spark! She finished her book even though we started late and has learned so many things about the Word of God. It is really unbelievable. Ms. Dawn was one of her teachers this year and Cora really come to love her so much. On the final night, one of the games that they played was "Are you smarter than a Sparky?" Well I was on the parent team and Cora was on the Sparky team. I wish that I could tell you that the parents won but sadly I cannot. They beat us by one question. It was a sad day for the moms up there but we were so excited that our kids really know this stuff. Way to go Cora!
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Cora's Poem

Ok so I know that the video is sideways and not the best quality but I just had to put her poem on here. All of the kids were asked to write a poem about the beach and her's was chosen to be read at the concert. She said she was nervous but I think it is great.

Kindergarten Concert

A few weeks ago Michael and I got the opportunity to spend some special time with Cora at school. Before we went to hear the wonderful singing at their concert we had some special activities in the classroom to do. One of our neighbors was so kind to watch Molly so we were able to really focus on Cora and we all loved it. The concert was all about the ocean so we had some fun activities to go along with that. It is great to see how much she has learned this year!

This is Mrs. Hoopes. I do not think there could ever be a better teacher for my girl. She is just what she needs and I am so thankful for that. Cora loves her so much!
Our girl getting ready for the singing to begin!
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh the joy!

Yesterday while I was grocery shopping I was overcome with joy as I walked down the ice cream aisle. I almost did a thank you Jesus dance in the middle of the store just to show Him how thankful I truly was. You may be asking yourself what could make a normal person act a fool in the middle of a store. Well.......

this would be the thing that did it. If you are from Georgia then you are not shocked by the spectacle that took place in the middle of the store. You see 11 1/2 years ago Michael and I moved away from GA and we have had to do without all things Mayfield. My mom always stocks the house with some Mayfield Chocolate Milk when we come to town because of the joy that she knows it brings to us. So to see Mayfield Ice cream here in Ohio almost brought tears to my eyes! We celebrated last night by eating almost the entire container. We can only hope the milk will be coming to town next!
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My Hula Hoopin' Girl

My own personal grocery store

When we bought our house I knew there were going to have to be a few changed made. One of the first that had to be taken care of was the pantry. We had a pitiful little closet that held absolutely nothing and if you know me at all then you know that will never work. I love my coupons and getting things for free way to much for a little pantry. So the laundry room that was directly off of the kitchen got turned into my own personal grocery store and the laundry room is now in the basement. Love it! It is perfect. I may be a little crazy but I am ok with that.
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Sidewalk Chalk Girl

My girl loves sidewalk chalk! We have been spending so much time outside these days because the weather is so beautiful and we just love it. Anytime that we are playing in the front yard Molly has out the chalk. Thanks Grandma for the new chalk!
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