Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Tent

Well what do you do when you are stuck in the house because it is so stinkin' cold........ you build a tent! The girls had a great time playing under here. I remember doing this with my sisters when I was little and I am so glad that they had such a wonderful time hanging out together. They read books, bought almost every toy downstairs to be in the tent, and even ate lunch. Good times!
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Special Presents

Cora Mae got some presents from Aunt Patty this year for Christmas. First of all she gave Cora this real tea set. I had given this Raggedy Ann tea set to Patty several years ago and she passed it down to Cora this year. She loves it!
She also gave Cora an Easy Bake Oven. You would have thought that she gave her the moon. I am not sure I have ever heard Cora react to a gift the way she did to this. She almost could not contain herself. After we baked the cookies one afternoon she took them upstairs and got out her tea set so that she could have tea with Sleeping Beauty. It was great!
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Time with the Christopher and Tony

While we were in GA we also got to see Tony and Christopher. We do not get to see our nephews nearly as often as we would like so it was so much fun to spend the day with them. The kids had a great time playing together just like cousins should. Can't wait to see them again!
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Peyton's Glasses

Peyton got these fun straw glasses in her stocking and they were a hit! She loved them and so did all of the kids. Way to go Aunt Patty!
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Christmas on New Year's Day

We went down to GA the week after Christmas and we celebrated Christmas on New Year's Day. We had a wonderful day together. It started out with some yummy cubed steak and gravy. For our family it is the ultimate meal! It is the one that we all ask for on our special days. I wish that I had a picture of it to show you the yumminess. Then we opened up presents and hung out the rest of the day. The kids played together and the adults played cards. We had a wonderful day full of great memories!
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Meme and Pa

My dad was determined to get a good "refrigerator picture" of the grandkids. I think that we got a great one this year!
Even though I think that I like this one even better. I think that it shows the true character of everyone in the picture.
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Man I Love These Kids

These are just some pictures of the girls that were taken while we were in GA at my parents house. I know that they are mine but are they cute or what?

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