Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How could you not love this kid?

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Creative Discovery Museum

We spent one day at the Creative Discovery Museum with Patty and the boys. One of the first places that we stopped at was the face painting section. They thought that this was great and they of course all looked completely different.
The end result of their hard work!
Other fun pictures of the day!
Cora asked Aunt Patty to do a puppet show with her. Boy did they put on a show?! We had a fun day!
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Skipping rocks

First of all sorry about all of the collages but it is the best way to get all of the pictures I want to put on here. Now back to skipping rocks. Cora wanted another lesson in skipping rocks and Pa was more than willing to give her one. She still really can't do it on his own but she has a great time trying.
She did skip one with Pa's help and this was her reaction......
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Fort Mountain

We went on top of Fort Mountain with Pa while in GA. We had a such a good time. Pa is very concerned that two of grand kids live in the city and for a Kentucky boy that is not a good thing. He tries to get them out in the country every chance he gets. We went hiking up to the fort and to the tower on top of the mountain. Molly was a real trooper and didn't complain very much. Both girls had a great time.
There is a playground up there and went spent some time playing. Cora spent some time hanging upside down (even though she had a hard time keeping her pants up while doing it). She was a little unsure about hanging upside down but Pa helped her and she began to really like it.
It was then time for the lake. The girls loved throwing rocks, sticks, and anything else they could find in the water. There were a few times that Pa and I were sure that Molly was going to end up in the water. They were both filthy and had a wonderful time.
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You can't keep a "Big J" down!

The girls and I went down to GA for Spring Break and as usual we had a great time. On the first night that we were there Patty and the boys came over. Patty has two boys, Samuel who is 5 1/2 and Judah (Big J) who is about to turn 4. Big J is as strong as an ox and always has been. While there Judah had Samuel pinned down on the ground and Samuel yelled for Cora to help. She came to the rescue and with both of their efforts they managed to get Samuel out from under the Big J. But not for long. At one time Judah was on top of both of them. It was so funny to see the two "Big Kids" wrestling with the little brother and the little brother winning the whole time. You can't keep a Big J down!
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Friday, March 19, 2010

My Kitchen Helpers

The girls love to help me in the kitchen any chance they get. So I put them to work cutting up the fruit for our fruit salad the other night. So Yummy!
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Birthday Visitors

We were so happy that Meme and Pa came to visit for Cora's birthday. They really came up to see her play basketball but it just so happened to fall on the weekend of her birthday so we were happy they got to celebrate with us. In the picture with Pa you can see the Tutu that Meme made for Cora. It is so cute and Cora loves it! The picture below is Pa giving Cora her birthday spanking. We have so much fun when they come to visit!
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Six Years Old

I am late getting this on here but better late than never right? It is hard to believe that my girl is 6 years old! Michael and I both want to put bricks on her head to keep her from getting any bigger. She has the sweetest heart and is so kind. She LOVES school and cannot get enough of it. She still loves princesses and is still the dress up queen at our house. She is really into crafty things right now also. And wants everything to be a rainbow. We love this girl so much!!
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