Thursday, April 1, 2010

Haircuts and Red Robin

The girls got haircuts yesterday. They are super cute and I really like Molly's hair down even though it is not down in any of these pictures. Cora's hair is shorter than it has been in a really long time. I guess we are getting ready for summer! We then headed over to the Red Robin for lunch and we had a great time hanging out together.
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Cora's Door

We brought home some of the decorations from the party for Cora to use in her room and during room time one day this week she put them to good use in her room. Then she wrote and little sign and put it on her door. Can you read it?
"Please wipe your feet before you come in" She also put a towel down in front of her door. She means business! Too funny!
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Aunt Judean's gift to Cora was a pair of pink Chuckies. When she opened up the gift she got a huge smile on her face and said, "Chuckies, What I have always wanted!" She is such a girl. I love it! Aunt Judean really hit the jackpot of the gift this year because she also got her a membership to Club Penguin. All she wants to do is play on the computer now and all Molly wants to do is watch her! Sorry the picture is not the best Aunt Judean.
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Fancy Nancy Party

Cora wanted a Fancy Nancy party at Meme's house this year. If you have little girls in your life and do not know about Fancy Nancy you need to look her up. It is a series of books about a little girl, Nancy and like I am sure you guessed she likes fancy things. Her philosophy is more is more. Cora went to spend the night with Aunt Judean the night before the party and Meme and I were so excited to get to surprise her with the decorations. Cora loved it! I think it was perfect for my Fancy Cora.
We had sandwiches with fancy toothpicks (it makes the sandwiches taste better), pringles, and fruit. We also had cherry Sprites in fancy glasses.
For dessert we had parfaits (that's fancy for ice cream sundaes). They got to make their own and it was so much fun.
We colored Easter eggs and jumped on the trampoline the rest of the day. Patty and I think that we throw a pretty good party day. We had a great day with Speed Racer in the morning and Fancy Nancy in the afternoon. Doesn't get much better than that!
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Speed Racer

Saturday turned into party day in GA. We celebrated both Judah and Cora's birthday parties on this day. They could not be together because Speed Racer and Fancy Nancy just do not go together. Anyway we had a great time at Big J's party. The kids got to do Shrinky Dinks. It really brought back some good memories from when Patty, Judean, and I used to do them ourselves. He got some really cool toys including a Yo-Bee, monster truck, Speed Racer Shirt, and lots of other boy toys.
They got to go fishing also. This is always a big hit with the kids and even though no one caught anything they loved it.
Happy Birthday Big J!
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Love this Picture!

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Firday Morning Party

On Friday morning we went Judah's school for his party at school. He was so excited to see his cousins at his school. I love this picture of him and Cora together.
Patty brought Speed racer masks for the kids to wear. Judah was super cute and it was so much fun to watch some of the kids try to eat their pizza with their masks on. It was a fun time to celebrate!
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After we left the Creative Discovery Museum we went to visit Connie Campbell. We call her Campbell most of the time. She and Patty are the same age and have always been the best of friends. We went into the church that she works at faces painted and all to surprise her. I was so glad that I got to see Campbell while I was in GA. She is so special to our whole family. Yeah Campbell you made the blog!
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