Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today we went and got our first ultrasound done. I am so happy I have cried several times
today. I have seen the spine, arms, legs, face, and heart which is beating at 167 a minute (my favorite part) . Most
importantly I have seen God craftmanship. This is the third time for our family to welcome
someone into our family and yet emotions are just as strong today as it was the first time.

We have all experiance loss of friends and family but this-this-miracle-is a planned event
by God which makes me want to be closer to God. I know we see him
we don't. We are busy. This makes me not be busy, this makes me stop. This gives me a desire to be closer to Jesus becouse this is a life God knows alreay-has talked with-seen-This is, yes a wonderfully made MIRACLE.

Thank you Chris for letting me hi jack the blog.

What is your opinion? Are going to meet
Granville John McLain or Lindsey Jane McLain

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