Monday, October 25, 2010

Molly's First Field Trip

Molly's preschool class had a field trip last week and it was her first time to go on a big girl field trip. She was a little unsure at first when we got there and saw her teachers and some of her friends. I think she was just a little confused about what was really going on. She quickly warmed up and had a blast! The kids were able to pick out a pumpkin and two ears of Indian Corn. We got to go into the field and pick them ourselves. She thought that part was great. There was also a straw maze just the right size for these preschoolers.
After our hayride out to the field the farmer told the kids how to pick their Indian Corn. No lie his name was Farmer Dale. I loved it!
Here is a picture of some of the kids in Molly's class. Sadly everyone did not get to go!
Me and my girl. I had such a wonderful time hanging out with her on this special day!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Molly and Wolfie

On one of our trips to the zoo this summer the girls got to pick out a prize to bring home. Grandma was with us and she is so much more fun than I am! Well Molly picked out a red panda to bring home. She immediately called it Wolfie. I try to explain to her that it was not a wolf but a red panda. She refuses to believe this fact and to this day she does not let Wolfie get to far away from her. She is getting so big and I love this picture of her and Wolfie. She is wearing the fireman hat that she got a couple of days before when the firemen came to her school.

Upward Cheerleading

We were so thankful that our church offers Upward Cheerleading in the fall along with football. Cora had so much fun learning all about being a cheerleader. It was great to watch as she learned and tried so many new things. She really has a lot of "spirit" to share!
"Rock This House" was one of the girls favorite cheers. Here they are rockin' it out!

Hello, my name is Christina....

I thought that maybe I should introduce myself again since it has been so long since my last post. I know that it has been forever since I blogged! My sisters have been sending me texts every once in a while that just say "BLOG!" You would think that I would have gotten the hint but I did not. I have to say that I have missed it though so I am hoping to get back to it on a regular basis. I thought that I would start off by showing you some pictures of the girls. These were taken last Sunday before church. Enjoy!