Friday, December 31, 2010

It hurts to look at it

A month ago the girls were invited to a birthday party at the local bowling ally. Molly was having a hard time and it did not want to bowl. After sometime of coaching and talking, we talked to her in to participating and she wanted to bowl. She went down, got a ball, and than dropped it on her foot. Her big toe to be exact.

She cried and cried-and she should have it still hurts to look at a month later.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas dinner

Christina made Christmas dinner today and it was the best. I have attached a picture to show you.

1. You will notice the fine china we ate on. We have had it for 12 years
2. Coke a Cola-Love it nothing else needs to said
3. The ham was from the honey baked ham store in town. It took us 45 minutes of waiting to get it-so worth it.
4. Corn was from old recipe from way back in olden times. If you would like it than just look on the back of Green Giant Corn package
5. Mashed potatoes are from Heather's Mom Nancy-best ever made. Ms. Nancy-we love them sooooo much.
6. Rolls-just buy the Kroger brand still as good as ever

Quick easy no stress best Christmas meal ever.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Friends from Indianapolis

Over the last three days we had friends from Indianapolis over at out house in Delaware. These are a couple of pic from dinner tonight. It has been great having them here.

Facts from weekend:
1. a bag of 96 pizza rolls does not stand a chance of surviving into left over stage
2. All kids in one room-no sleep needed
3. The friendly game of phase ten between the adults oddly turns very competitive.
4. why does every conversation eventually have the words boogers and fart in it.
5. Seven kids running up the stairs at one time feels like the house is going to shake off the foundation

All in all-loved every minute and so glad them came.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby Jude

The girls and I headed down to GA over Thanksgiving to see this sweet little baby come into the world. Unfortunately we left Michael at home because he had to work. This little boy belongs to my sister, Judean. His name is Jude and we just could not get enough of him! All but Molly! She wanted nothing to do with him at all! Lets just hope that is not a sign of things to come.
Here are some of pictures we took at the hospital. We could not be happier. I am not sure how I manged to not have any pictures of Jude's sisters holding him. Sorry Peyton and Bayley!
Cora Mae COULD NOT get enough of him. She just absolutely loves him.
Here is Baby Jude with his beautiful mommy coming home from the hospital. Can't wait to see him again!
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Your a mean one Mr. Grinch

Today we went to a local nursery to see Santa. We love going to this place because there are very few people there and the girls get to spend as much time with Santa as they would like. Also they give out free popcorn and you know we love to get free popcorn! Each year The Grinch is wondering around also. Last year both girls wanted nothing to do with him but this year Cora was loving him. Molly not so much. I think that it must be so much fun to be the Grinch for the day because he gets to walk around with a bad attitude and know one even questions it. Really, he was funny and even though Molly did not want to have her picture made with him she liked him.

Boots or Boots

Today we getting ready to go to church and it came time to put on coats and shoes. I do not know about other parents but for Chris and I this can take a long time accomplish or so it seems. Today our middle girl, Molly, was told to go get her boots. She disappeared and came back with no boots. Once again, Molly go get your boots. She looked at us with a look of accomplishment. Molly go get your boots! To Molly's credit she held up Boots. Boots from Dora the Explore and told us I got my Boots.

Well she did what we asked. Next time, go get the boots you wear on your feet.